An Adventure


Belmond Cipriani




May 2019


Design and produce all technical and production elements for an incredible celebration of life over three days, seven venues and two countries.


Imagine Believe worked as close partners with Events Management and Production of Hong Kong for over nine months to design and realise the countless dreams associated with a private milestone celebration.

With Logistics support coming from Imagine Believe at The Ritz in Paris, Technical Direction and Supply for three separate show pieces on the Orient Express, and complete Technical, Scenic, Logistics, Artist Management, Stage Management at five different venues within the Belmond Cipriani in Venice, the team delivered a seamless one-stop holistic solution for the client.

For the Cipriani Dining Room, Imagine Believe (tasked with transforming the red-bricked granary space) designed a beautiful panoramic stone church interior – complete with projected stained glass windows (a hybrid of 12 projectors and 1 LED screen). These windows told so many stories throughout the dinner, transporting the guests from a beautiful sunset in Venice, over the seas on a galleon through Hong Kong and Sydney, into an immersive day on the streets on Rome for a Rat-Pack singalong, and into a great hall, complete with classic “paintings” of the family members – gently animated to keep the intrigue going. Imagine Believe designed and created all of the content for the screens, working with composer James Banbury and choreography from CPG Concepts.

Moving next door, Imagine Believe provided technical solutions for visiting A-List artist, Kylie Minogue, including all shipping logistics for their touring production – in addition to producing another custom designed space; this time New York Chic for the after dinner party.

In addition to the two “main spaces”, Imagine Believe also transformed the venue’s Trattoria into a beautiful group dining space with custom furniture and a PA (squeezed into the nooks and crannies of the venue) to support a rousing performance by Ronan Keating, as well as a late-night party venue with DJ setup and exterior lighting for a Heliosphere Show over the swimming pool – complete with flame effects.

You guys rocked it.

Working with you wonderful, fantastic, do-more-than-you-were-ever-asked people was truly inspirational. This team delivered a truly epic event. Any one of those nights as a standalone event was award worthy but to have all of them together and flawlessly executed was a phenomenal heroic feat.

The guests were absolutely gushing praise as they departed. In my years of design and production I often have had letters to the host saying how brilliant, beautiful or fun an event was but never have I received letters directly from the guests to the producers thanking us for a great event.

Although I may be the face I know that you are the hands and heart that made this truly epic event possible. From the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU IT COULDN’T HAPPEN WITHOUT YOU.

See you on the next gig,

Robert Rogers, CSEP

Director and Founder, Events Management and Design Limited