VENUE  Westfield London
DATE  November 2012


Create a stunning event for the public to help celebrate the switching on of the Westfield Christmas Lights with a performance by Taylor Swift.


Imagine Believe provided complete technical and site management and design services for the whole event from start to finish

Security, crowd control, staging, schedules, budgets, crewing, design and logistics all happened in less than a month!

"The event on Monday was incredible. The time ,effort, focus, and the attention to detail that went into it was amazing, especially working under such stressful conditions!

We really appreciate how hard you work to deliver the perfect show. You have managed to do this year in year out for us, totally professionally, in a calm, cool manner. We are very grateful.

So thank you again, for everything. You are lovely to work here's looking forward to next years event!"

Jason Iley, Mercury Records